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It's so good to be back!

Come and See Us  At

The 2023 Salisbury

Stamp & Postcard Show  

At the Modernised 
Five Rivers Leisure Centre, 
Hulse Road Salisbury SP1 3NR

Friday 13th October 10am to 5.00pm
Saturday 14th October 10am to 3.30pm

After all the problems affecting the country from 2020 we are very pleased to be able to welcome you all back to our favourite venue - The Salisbury Leisure Centre.

This show was first organised by the Machin Collectors Club with the first show being held in 2013. Since then it has developed into one of the major two day Stamp & Postcard Shows in the country. Unfortunately the pandemic interupted the show for 2020, but thankfully we are now back on track with a regular yearly two day show, doing what we all prefer to do when adding to, or disposing of, our collections - Face to face contact! 

The Salisbury Stamp & Postcard show is now organised by Arun Stamps under the stewardship of Tony Hender. The show will continue to provide the best choices and offerings from the country's leading dealers here in the UK. Plus, of course, free admission and free parking!

All of our dealers have a wide range of experience in the business. They also offer material from most countries of the world. They all offer their expertise and professional advice to ensure all their customers get the best service possible. 

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